7 Things – Week 3: Practice Patience

This week we are reflecting on how you have experienced stress in the last few months and how it has impacted your relationships and interactions with others.
What helps you deal with stress? Please share!
Who are the people in your life you are most likely to take your stress out on? (You don’t need to list names;) How can you “see” them in a different light so you can respond more graciously?
How gracious have you been with yourself??? How can you be more patient with yourself?
We look forward to hearing your thoughts, stories and questions as we discuss online!

2 Responses to “7 Things – Week 3: Practice Patience”

  1. Kris Lalk says:

    One way I calm myself is by talking to God about my impatience with myself or others. Another way I use to calm myself down is to take some deep breaths and exhale slowly. Like my own dad, I get frustrated easily with others drivers. So God reminds me all the time that I don’t know what they are going through and I need to be more patient.

  2. Carolyn Frost says:

    I’ve always heard don’t pray for patience. Michael, help me with the verse. Patience comes from perseverance?
    Giving grace should be our gold standard.

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