7 Things – Week 2: Disrupt our Lives

After watching this week’s video, here are some questions to think about and share:
Are there any disruptions you can make in your life?
Are you more or less likely to make them after 2020?
What is keep you from making disruptions?

2 Responses to “7 Things – Week 2: Disrupt our Lives”

  1. Carolyn Frost says:

    Thank you Michael for making us look back over 2020 and the changes we have made. Ours have been self-serving, buying a new car and doing some remodeling in our home. Part of this was probably because of having to stay at home so much we realized the”doorknob needed to be fixed”. Now to look outward to what can be done even disrupting our schedule that we’ve become accustomed to.

  2. Michael Porter says:

    One other area I thought of where some of us have seen or want to see disruption is our health. I think we have all seen how important it is to stay healthy, and for many of us it has become harder to stay healthy if some of our activities have been canceled and facilities closed.

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