Prayer Request

Anonymous, December 7, 2022 - 8:21 am

Plz plz pray for my littlefamily..wejus lost ourhome dueto blk mold an landlord didn't wanna fix. and attempting to live in truck.. have a6 yr old his dad is disabled an needs dbl hip replacement.. we are struggling home no where to live..I'm suppose be stating new job next week..butnow we are also fixing t losebour extended stay room here at the superior creek lodge in kennesaw ga we had a wee in a bed a hot showers. An nowlosingit..this is breakingmy heat into for my son.. also.. I hadgotten sick an had one surgery back in sept..lost my then lost ourhome aswell..a kevin gets a disability check but within 48 hrs itsgone ever MO th to bills. If we lose our room we will be back in the truck in the frezing cold an not bed no hot shower.. I don't have family to run mom dad grandparents have all past on to be with thelord.. this momma doesn't know what to do..if I lose this room j will lose my chance of stating this new job that's a blessing to us.. idk what to do.. I've prayed an prayed even harder than I normally do..plz plz pray.. can someone call me an pray with me over the phone plz.. (470-)-663-3636.. my name is Jenn..thank u guys so very much..sincerely one broke hearted mommie