Prayer Request

Seth, January 18, 2022 - 4:06 pm

I’ve recently been suspended from my ministry position. Although I was an excellent employee, someone with power hated me and poisoned the leadership against me. The Lord has shown me that I will soon be restored back to my position—pray that I won’t even miss a paycheck, and won’t lose any pay. Pray that the Lord will move the hearts of key, influential people to be strongly in support of me. Pray God will give them great courage, boldness and wisdom to speak out and advocate for me. Pray that those who tried to discredit me will also become my strongest advocates. Pray that the Lord will suppress all voices of resistance, and lovingly and powerfully lift me up and place me back in my position. Pray that I will come back in the mighty strength of the Lord. That I will quickly catch up on all the work I’m behind on, get ahead, and excel. Pray that I will exceed every expectation, surmount every obstacle, and do everything with quality and distinction. Pray that I will lead the regular sprint meetings more powerfully and effectively than before, work well with the team, and lead every member of the team to excellence. Pray that I will be honored, trusted and respected in my job, and that my job and position will be secure from slander and attacks, so I can purely focus on what I’m there to do. Pray my service will be recognized and I will receive raises, and the Lord will expand my work. Pray that even now I will concentrate and focus on what the Lord has for me, serving Him well, doing what I should and pressing into His Presence in worship and prayer, even during this interim period. Thanks.