Prayer Request

Seth, December 2, 2021 - 7:42 pm

Please pray for an upcoming meeting between 2 people: a co-worker of mine, Tarin, and the HR lady. Evil men in leadership have mischaracterized me, and falsely accused me of disrespect in my communication with her to blacken my name, although she said nothing negative. Pray that the Lord will give her the wisdom, insight and courage this time to say the full truth and nothing but the truth. Pray that Holy Spirit will reveal the whole truth to her, and remove from her heart and mind all lies and mischaracterizations she has been told. Pray for the HR lady to have great wisdom in creating a safe environment, asking the right questions, and drawing the truth out. That Tarin’s words will bring breakthrough and deliverance in the ministry. And that she will be protected, blessed and highly esteemed in her job as a result of sharing the full truth. Finally, that the HR lady will believe her, and communicate her words powerfully to all the right people, to bring deliverance from so much evil! Thank you.